Ken the Dragonslayer | public relations, employee communications, marketing support firm
Slaying modern-day demons who keep
your employees from top performance, and the media from giving you good PR!

It's the dragons. . .the demons in all of us who cause us to fear for our jobs, be afraid to take business risks. . .and stop employees and managers alike from their top performance.

        Those same demons strike fear into the hearts of top management, as they struggle to get GOOD news in local media that will increase sales and improve community relations.

        Why use Ken Gold to do all this? Because he's done it successfully for 35 years. . .for such companies as IBM, Digital Equipment Corp. and the Lipton Tea Company.

And, he's won 43 major local, regional and national communications awards from such groups as the International Association of Business Communicators.

        *Developed a program to utilize employee ideas that saved 37.7 million dollars

        *Spearheaded volunteer effort to create "bank" of co-worker skills to help community organizations, resulting in a nation-wide network of goodwill ambassadors for the corporation.

Ken Gold, 17 Kristin Court,
Wayne, NJ 07470
(973) 835-6406

dragon       public relations, employee communications, marketing support firm

Slaying Schedule

employee communications Write/create Employee Communications to motivate your people
PR public relations program Supply comprehensive PR program to get the public on YOUR SIDE.
corporate communications Guide your corporate communications to new heights.
marketing support Exorcise all Demons!

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